Valuation; without any restrictive influence and pressure and in an environment where buyers are fully informed, the determination of the highest cash value can be sold on condition of sale of property rights in a reasonable period of time . The appraiser, has the skills and competence about real estate, corporate and information reveal about the value judgment on issues such as machinery and equipment.In these studies; industrial plant equipment, antiques, jewelry-jewelry such as portable property and vacant land, buildings and immovable property as well as other rights and benefits can be considered relevant.

In our country, commonly real estate, machinery and equipment, and company valuations are conducted only under the occupation of the people is expressed in different disciplines. In addition, the expertise for Appraisers, the concept has come to be used as evaluation. As of August 2001 the Capital Markets Board (CMB) "Real Estate Appraiser" concept was officially announced and the licensing of professionals and the record keeping was the only authority in the subject. On the issue, the CMB has two papers 14-15 August 2001 put into effect.

These include:

"Capital Licensing for Operating in the market and Registration on Principles Regarding the communique," and "Capital Markets Regulatory Framework of Valuation Services to Export to the company and the enterprise of the Board Communiqué on Principles Regarding the list Received".

Licensing and the Communiqué on Principles Regarding Registration Hold of Appraiser:  As described “The staff that appraising about the real estate, project of the real estate or acoording to the real estate’s rights and benefits in real estate appraisal company”

For getting the licences that mentioned, the appraisers have to; graduated from the colleges, had minimum of 3 years of experience about that branch of business, work only in a one company at the same time, not in action on any real estate brokerage, be independent and objective and not to act against to principles of their professions and the ethics of their professions.

Besides, as stated, the Real Estate Appraisal Companies can’t be on a activity apart from the appraisal activities kind of; market research, feasibility study, analysis of the legal status of real estate and related rights of real estates, vacant land and advanced project value analysis and the highest and best value of using analysis. Appraisers Association, the purpose of establishment is developing and uplifting of appraisal profession, continues on encouraging of being professional and quality for appraisal expertise with professional and technical organizations.

Is presenting fast and quality service by using  todays’ technology and providing necessary solutions and accommodation.

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