Methods Used

Comparison Method: The easiest and most systematic method used for valuation. Secure version most appropriate value for value with or without the structure is achieved with the help of parcels.

Version values, qualities and attributes of immovable selected for comparison, the same value as a result of an immovable be determined. If you moved to have the different characteristics, make the necessary adjustments to these differences.

Comparison method took place recently, and should be used in cases where no clear precedent values enough. The most important data sources used during the implementation of this method of valuation expert's opinion; the information obtained from public records and other market players.

Income Capitalization Method:  If determined to bring only the value of the immovable as possible based on revenue, income capitalization method is used for finding the version costs. In this method, the criteria for determining the value of a property on which construction is net income can be achieved.

This net income, consists of structure, consisting of structural units and other structures on the land share.  Years can monitor how development and change with nominal, by estimating the results necessary work, overheads, operating costs, taxes, after working capital needs and capital expenditures are deducted is reached real income value about the real estate. Version values increase and decrease procedures made necessary in order to be adapted to local market conditions of the property income value is obtained.

Cost Method: The method is generally used in the valuation of unknown real estate as hotels, factories, industrial sites, office blocks, located on the building as administrative structures or residential gardens and rental income.  Costing the basis of, that creates a cost approaching absolute value at the date of determination of the value of real estate. This value; building value, outside plant, equipment, and land values are composed of private enterprises. The land value and the building value by comparing the price structure method, outside plant and equipment of private enterprises, the total value on the valuation date as determined by nature. This value than new physical costs of mitigation value has increased as a result of functional and environmental factors.

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