Mission of FEN INC.

Global headquarter of Fen INC.,  is located in İzmit/KOCAELİ.  The worldwide expertise operations are provided with QUALITY, FAST AND ON TIME from there. Our range of appraisal and valuation services in the field of quality and capacity to respond to all the demands of the audience. We give services in the field of valuation  for dozens of insurance companies, banks, public institutions (courts, prosecution, social security, TOKI,..etc.) and people with expertise, presentations and experts.

The FEN INC.’s experts,  combining modern  technology with full faith in the legal framework of ethical principles,  keep on to progress at an accelarated rate about making corporations with real estate appraisers and experts. From the year of 1991, our firm has been working for balancing the factors affecting quality of life .

Is presenting fast and quality service by using  todays’ technology and providing necessary solutions and accommodation.

Contact & Address

  • Adres: Karabaş Mah.Cengiz Topel Cd. Müneccim Arif Sk. Doğrusöz Apt. No:12/A 41100 İzmit / KOCAELİ

  • Telefon: 0 (262) 324 63 20-22-23

  • Fax: 0 (262) 325 60 60

  • Email: bilgi@fenekspertiz.com