Fen A.Ş.



FEN INC. creates added value to its customers which are; the infrastructure  that the right and usefull customer information and that can be used to correct the offer, the customer experience management processes that providing customers' businesses and problems troubleshooting and an organizational structure that whose customers’  have a say in the management.


Our services produced in accordance with legal regulations and customer demand-expectations.


Each of our employees, we share our common goals and we take our strength, are members of FEN INC.’s  family.


In FEN INC. new and different applications are supported and open management style is applied.


Business ethics and integrity  are the essential principles of our firm.

  • Address:Karabaş Mah.Cengiz Topel Cd. Müneccim Arif Sk. Doğrusöz Apt. No:12/A
  • Flat Tax: Gölcük
  • Tax Number: 3850609760


Our company; In case of damage to the interests of the policy concluded between the insured and guaranteed by the insurer as one of the organizations that provide expert damage assessment will be the basis for compensation as FEN  İNŞ. TAAHHÜT PAZ. LTD. ŞTİ. has been established  in 1992.

In the year 1997 the company's title changed to FEN SİGORTA EKSPERTİZ INC, has continued its activities only in the legal framework of insurance damage in the area of expertise.

Our company structure; 3 insurance experts, 3 real estate appraisers, 1 residential appraiser, 7 court experts, 2 damage control experts, 1 scene investigation / research assistant, 4 reporter tasks. In total we have 14 employees.  Our Institution  is servicing in two different points ; One of them is in Gölcük (Finance Accounting and Archiving) and the other one is located in the İzmit (Expert Operations).

As the insurance sector is growing and globalizing day by day , we want to give a better and rapid service to our customers . So we want to fall into step with to the highest techology and getting more institutional our firm title has changed as FEN INSURANCE APPRAİSAL & PROPERTY VALUATION AND CONSULTING INC.

Our aim is to solve and provide agreement with necessary solutions for damage expertises  as honest, quick and qualified way in the growing and globalizing insurance sector in Turkey.

We target to be an institution,  prefered giving service as real estate valuation, expertise and consulting firm with present services, professional expert staffs in Turkey. According to this objective,  vehicle depreciation, court examination and appraisal and real estate valuation, appraisal services are added to our services.

Our service areas are;  Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Düzce, Bolu, Zonguldak, Karabük, Yalova in TURKEY.

We Care About People

Management of human resources in Fen Expertise Inc. Companies contains meeting the special needs of diffirent sectors proactively, hava been cooperating, besides we are supporting their strategical aims and performance.

Human resources policies are determined by the needs of the companies special conditions and requirements with flexibility in the Group that consisting of different sectors and different kind of companies. The main purpose of these policies is determining the Fen Expertise INC. ‘s basic concept about execution  of people management and priorities .

Human resources management’s aims are;

    • To be prefered by the skilled workforce’s of being their employer;
    • Choosing most compatible workforce and recruitment with the ethics of Yeditepe that will carry community to the future;
    • Meeting the Groups workforce needs that intended for the future with global perspective and proactive approach while choosing and recruitment of employees.


   Open Positions

Customer Representative

Graduate student

Class B license holder and active vehicle user

Customer-oriented and who love their jobs

Dynamic, good at communication and human relations, teamwork skills

Have completed their military service (for male candidates)

Be able to work with application of flexible hours 

FEN A.Ş. olarak;

To create difference with giving the most qualified expertise  by taking hand as first value, ‘objectivity’  in Insurance Expertise and Valuation Services,

Considering the changing needs and demands of today's living conditions suitable to the inspection service,

The fastest way to reach customers Notification received damage file operations and valuation request,

Fast and accurate appraisal and valuation services by making the closing of the file,

Finding solutions with using the most advanced technological requirements for the monitoring of the damage and valuation process.

To improve the professional knowledge and skills of our employees through training,

Performance of our suppliers continuously improving our processes to provide appropriate inputs,

Measure the effectiveness of our Quality Management System to the appropriate management system to continuously improve the conditions,

Are our Quality Policy.

AUGUST , 2013.

Global headquarter of Fen INC.,  is located in İzmit/KOCAELİ.  The worldwide expertise operations are provided with QUALITY, FAST AND ON TIME from there. Our range of appraisal and valuation services in the field of quality and capacity to respond to all the demands of the audience. We give services in the field of valuation  for dozens of insurance companies, banks, public institutions (courts, prosecution, social security, TOKI,..etc.) and people with expertise, presentations and experts.

The FEN INC.’s experts,  combining modern  technology with full faith in the legal framework of ethical principles,  keep on to progress at an accelarated rate about making corporations with real estate appraisers and experts. From the year of 1991, our firm has been working for balancing the factors affecting quality of life .

Organization Chart of FEN INC.,  consisted of three main service areas and created by the current staffing positions.

When Insurance, Appraisal, Property Valuation and Expert  terms are called , FEN INC. should be come into mind as in our region.